Miss Hunting Fishing 2016


  1. 3 separate photo shoots with different photographers value of $1000 each is $3000.00
  2. 3 video clip commercials for the girl in value of 3000 dollars each, total $9000.00
  3. Fishing equipment, tackle, rods from sponsors and gift certificates in the value of $1000.00
  4. Hunting equipment and tools from sponsors in the value of $1000.00
  5. Modeling contract with top notch modeling agency value of $5000.00
  6. Fly fishing lessons from top instructors value $500.00
  7. Shooting certificate for the range in value of $200.00
  8. Title and endorsement contracts in the value of $10000.00 with the pageant.
  9. Cash prize as check $500.00


Total $30200.00



Scoring cards for judges measure following criteria’s

Judges will give contestants score in each category from 1 to 100

Contestant who will receive top scores will be announced Miss Hunting Fishing 2016


  1. number of views of videos for the contestants with them on youtube and on our website.
  2. number of likes on facebook, twitter, and other social media
  3. number of comments and weight of positive comments versus negative
  4. number of outdoor skills (hunting, calling, fishing, etc)
  5. judges will score catwalk in bikini
  6. score waders contest
  7. score on casting contest
  8. score on shooting contest
  9.  score on answers to questions
Please refer to our Rules And Regulations