Who We Are

We would like to invite you to Miss Hunting Fishing Pageant 2016.
We will select the most beautiful outdoor woman who loves hunting and fishing activities. We will evaluate pictures from the contestants and videos on our website based on likes, views, and comments, that would help our panel of judges to decide who are the lucky girls and woman who would be invited to participate in actual pageant. The pageant will take place in the end of August 2015 at the mountains of Pocono, Pennsylvania. USA. Contestants will compete in traditional pageant activities as questions and answers with accent to the questions about fishing and hunting, as well as compete in dresses, we prefer camo dresses and outdoor theme cloth, participants will also compete in shooting activities (load, reload, knowledge of the ammunition and guns), and casting and fishing tasks such as knots, setting hook, etc, please refer to the schedule of the activities and events for detail time line of activities.
We love outdoors, guns, hunting and fishing. We enjoy making our pageant in absolute natural and real environment. We think that beautiful woman hunters deserve to be recognized everywhere.
The only one extreme passion! Hunting, Fishing, Outdoors and backcountry. We do it all and we do it with hottest models on Earth! Join our venue and enjoy beautiful ladies performing everyday tasks in hunting and fishing contests. They will be judged by the highest standards and will receive a title of Miss Hunting And Fishing of USA 2016.
So mark your calendar, come-on in and enjoy your visit!